Friday, September 5, 2014

Obama sells #Wales to the world

So Mr President what do you make of Wales ?, asked a journalist at the pre-dinner Nato reception hosted by Prince Charles.

His reply below met with great approval

So are we going to be seeing lots of Americans descending on us and taking advantage of our great hospitality ? Well hopefully yes

Will this benefit Cardiff Airport ?

At the moment there are no direct flights between our capital city and the big apple. So Heathrow airport would be the beneficiary ? 

Not necessarily, because you can connect to Cardiff with  from New York or Chicago via Dublin.

Not ideal for the ex-pats, we know, but better than London and a further 3 hours on top of their transatlantic hop.

Back in 2010 at the time of the Ryder Cup,at the Celtic Manor, Delta wanted the Welsh Government to underwrite any initial losses on a New York to Cardiff route, and the deal never happened.

So Perhaps now with President Obama’s ringing endorsement and a groundswell of opinion and demand we might soon see direct flights from Cardiff to New York.

And even better now that Cardiff Airport is owned by the Welsh Government and with , the successor to the Welsh Tourist Board, run by the Welsh Government there are obvious synergies to be had. So a transatlantic route from Cardiff has obvious economic benefits.

We hope the Delta deal or a similar deal connecting Wales with the USA can be done soon.

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