Wednesday, April 29, 2015

From Norfolk with love - let's be having you

Don’t you think it was an own goal by someone in the Senedd management team to deny James Bond access to do what he does best in our national debating chamber ? I love Bond films especially From Russia with love which allows me to facilitate a rather tenuous link to the Cardiff to Norwich (with love) air service operated by

Having spent 6 hours driving there and 6 hours on the train on another occasion you can imagine my delight at Cardiff’s newest offering, a daily flight to Norwich International. The service was announced earlier this year to a chorus of Norwich that’s exactly what the Welsh public want isn’t it ?

I have used the service three times and this Friday will be my fourth trip. On the maiden trip on 20 April there were a few VIPS (I don’t include myself of course) so those 10 passengers on a 19 seater gave a false load factor. Today there were seven of us plus two crew (the pilot and co-pilot)

Because I have an interest in the continued development and renaissance of Cardiff Airport I conducted 1:1 interviews with some of the users of subsequent flights who had the misfortune to be on the same flight as me. They weren’t really interviews I just asked them why they were flying and here are the reasons:

Live in Anglesey and have relatives in Norwich
Live in Norwich and have relatives in Anglesey
I work on the rigs in the sea and this is saving me a 6 hour journey back to South Wales.
I went to visit my 100 year old father in Suffolk.
I am flying to Norwich to collect a car I bought
Two people on today’s flight (not including me) were using the service for work reasons

You know what this route might just work especially at £99 return.

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